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Who are we

IP World Technologies was founded back in 2003 by a team of professionals from multinational companies with diverse experience and expertise. The focus back then was very much shared email and website hosting and after the first 2 years in operation and securing hundred of clients, the IT industry began to evolve and competitions drove the team in IP World to realign its focus to tap into new fields. Since then, the team has been focusing its time and research on having a system platform that is scalable, portable, lightweight, robust and able to support cross operating system yet cost effective to implement.

IP World is now a premier cloud provider with its virtualisation platform as a service “VaaS” where companies can now run their application system based on current needs while providing a platform to scale when the need arises. Currently, companies run their CRM, ERP, Billing, e-commerce, helpdesk, corporate portal, campaigns and many other operational systems on IP World VaaS. IP World has ready base images which are optimised to run different application systems which will speedup the deployment and implementation process.

IP World’s infrastructure primarily located in Cyberjaya, Multimedia SuperCorridor of Malaysia in the same data centre as many global and multinational companies. The data centre is managed by professionals who specialise in design, build and manage data centres worldwide. IP World will only provide the best infrastructure, service and offerings to its customers and though its years of experience and having been to many data centres in Malaysia, IP World is able to advise and tailor its products according to its client’s needs.

IP World’s clientele amongst others, are large multinationals, public listed companies, e-commerce providers, hotels and resorts, small and medium industries and enterprises and government linked companies.


What We Do

Cloud Services

We offer hosted solutions in the Public Cloud. As a more cost effective solution, our customers who wish to start off with a lower budget subscribe to these packages for a no-frills setup.

Private Cloud

The security sensitive nature of corporations dictates the need for a private cloud in which are isolated from our other customers at such comply to IT infrastructure audit.

Data Recovery & Backup

We work with our customers and software vendors to provide advice on the specific needs for their IT requirements e.g. network redundancy, backups and disaster recovery.

Cyber Security

All infrastructure that we deploy are optimized for performance and security hardened. Having provided such solutions over many years, we have the ability to make these platforms work with redundancy and even high availability configurations.

Infrastructure Consolidation

We specialize in industries Hypervisors and their associated PrivateCloud solutions; Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare VSphere and KVM and, for larger Infrastructure Consolidation requirements; Azure, VCenter and OpenStack.

Governance & Control

For IT Security compliance, the solution that we offer range from simple web servers to Application, Data and Storage Servers running behind DMZ’s with Hardware and Web Application Firewalls as well as Data Leak Prevention Systems.

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